Dear Homeowner, I love your home.

I love your home and here's why you should let me be the one to buy it! 

Do buyers really write letters to a person selling their home when they make an offer? Yes. Is this required? Absolutely not. Is it recommended? In today's market, sure! Why not? 

With us in the midst of a very strong Seller's Market, trying to find a home you love and then actually making an offer quick enough and strong enough can be a challenge for a buyer. And let's be honest, this can also be overwhelming to a seller with potentially so many offers coming in, coming in fast, and with deadlines to respond to said offers. To be clear, this is not a bad "problem" to have...albeit, overwhelming.

We are all attached emotionally to our homes, they are a part of us. So, when you are deciding to hand the keys over to someone new, usually a stranger, sometimes a love letter can go a long way. However, this should never negate the importance of considering strong offers with solid financing and agreeable terms. So, in a situation where a seller has multiple offers that are mostly comparable, knowing their home will be in good hands with someone who appreciates its beauty and charm as much as they have...can make a world of difference, even if the love-letter-writer's offer is for a couple thousand less. Yes, less.


With that said, as a seller, always refer back to your agent to guide you through what details are most important to consider. You don't want to overlook anything- or - let your emotions make the decision for you. Let your realtor help you navigate the process, emotions aside, then sit back and soak up all the warm and fuzzies of the letter as the cherry on top. 

So, buyers, if you feel genuinely inclined & it is sincere - write the letter. Short & simple.