Lamination Nation

Oh, hardwood.jpg

So, so many buyers are looking at homes that advertise as renovated or updated and while the gleaming solid surface countertops and backsplashes are highly appealing (and beautiful) there seems to be an overabundance of laminate flooring happening. Is it just me?!?

Of course, I can understand the decision to install laminate flooring. Cost. However, it is never as appealing as the original hardwood floors and I have frequently and recently found it a pre-requisite inquiry to showing property, "does the home have laminate flooring or the original hardwood?" 

Laminate flooring can have some positives beyond cost like its durability to scratches and it is easily cleanable but there is definitely value to keeping the original hardwood floors, beyond just monetary. Hardwood is beautiful! And I would venture to guess that there could be a high likelihood that a homebuyer might possibly prefer the idea of the original hardwood floors (over laminate) even if they need some love (& money) down the road. The majestic grandeur of neighborhoods like Shaw, Botanical, and Tower Grove, for example, are highly attractive to many buyers (understandably) and it would be really fantastic to see more of these homes retain some of their original beauty and appeal - aka - the hardwood flooring. *steps off soapbox*

What do you think?